Byte-Size Blair | March 28

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Easter weekend is over but as you finish your chocolate bunnies we hope you’ll take a look at these delightful links.

  1. National Puppy Day was last week and Publishers Weekly was just in time with this great review of The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge by Rheta Grimsley Johnson.
  2. We love this picture of the off-Broadway cast of Fly with a copy of The Tuskegee Airmen (NewSouth Books).
  3. Congratulations to Matthew Neill Null, author of Honey from the Lion (Lookout Books) for winning an award that Ralph Ellison, Cormac McCarthy, Anne Sexton, Junot Díaz, and Anthony Doerr, among others, have won in the past.
  4. Have you ever wondered how much a librarian is worth? This infographic sheds some light on that for you.
  5. Sadly, over the weekend a great NC literary advocate and bookseller passed away. Here is our small tribute to Nancy Olson of Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh, NC.

Take some time to enjoy the spring weather this week!


Byte-Size Blair | February 1

We’re back (after a long hiatus) with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest, give us a look.

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day so keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine in the forecast.

  1. Today is the start of Black History Month and we’re celebrating by featuring a book a day on our Facebook page. See more here and check out the first post from Greensboro, NC.
  2. Take a peek inside Neil Gaiman’s personal library and look forward to a new Minotaur book from Steven Sherrill this fall.
  3. Forsaken by Ross Howell Jr. (NewSouth Books) is quite popular at The Country Bookshop in Southern Pines, NC. Check out Ross’s upcoming tour dates here.
  4. Publishers Weekly calls The Dark of the Island by Philip Gerard an engrossing story.
  5. Links We Love: Bookstores and Libraries – The Most Wonderful Places on Earth.

It’s nice to be back in the Byte-Size game! This dog agrees!


Byte-Size Blair – May 12

Welcome to the second installment of Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on FacebookTwitterTumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

  1. More Awards for Blair Authors–

  2. Writers Speaking Out Loud–Hub City, a nonprofit in South Carolina and one of the presses for which Blair distributes, has been making waves and headlines with their new movement, Writers Speaking Out Loud. They’ve been featured in Publishers WeeklyThe Guardian, and other news sources.
  3. Words with Friends–Speaking of our distributed lines, last week we introduced Words with Friends, a weekly post on our Tumblr that will highlight some of the amazing news coming from our friends at Hub City Press, Lookout Books, NewSouth Books, Eno Publishers, and all of our distributed lines.
  4. Crushworthy–The past week’s #MCM and #WCW entries were certainly notable. Teresa Kravtin, one of our reps, was voted Rep of the Year by Publishers Weekly. Brad Herzog, author of States of Mind, runs a hilarious blog and a press of his own. Plus, check out Y2K-era Matt Lauer… so much hair!
  5. Tweeting @ Blair’s Authors–The Hider triplets (two of whom, Anna and Julia are the authors of our upcoming Badass Civil War Beards) heart-ed our shout-out to their November pub date. Plus, Jeremy B. Jones of Bearwallow was just as excited as we were about the arrival of his memoir.

See you next Monday for more Byte-Size Blair. And for today’s bit of karma, we give you Tigger and Minnie Pearl, two doppelganger dogs of different owners, vintage, and gender, brought together when those owners became coworkers. Love at first walk.

Tigger and Minnie


A sneak peek at Murder on Music Row by Stuart Dill

We’ve already teased you with photos of celebrities with the book (like this one of Billy Ray Cyrus) and rave reviews from Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, so today, we’re going to keep it simple. Enjoy this sneak peek at a chapter of Murder on Music Row, by Stuart Dill.

(And don’t forget to enter to win your free copy of Murder on Music Row! Check out this post to learn how to enter. Hurry, only one week left!)