And the winner is…

The winner of the ‪#‎DogPeople‬ Photo Contest is Andy Norwood of Tennessee, whose wife Shannon is shown here with their son’s dog Pal!

Congratulations to the Norwood family! They will receive a signed copy of Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s new memoir The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge, a $50 gift certificate to Parnassus Books, and Blair will donate $50 in their name to Barkie’s Legacy in Ocoee, FL where their son Patrick volunteers.

Thank you to all of the animal lovers who voted in the photo contest. Your votes made a difference to the dogs at Barkie’s Legacy.



#DogPeople Photo Contest

In honor of Rheta Grimsley Johnson’s new memoir The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge, the #DogPeople Photo Contest winner will receive a $50 gift card to their favorite indie bookstore, a copy of The Dogs Buried Over the Bridge, and a $50 donation made in their name to the shelter or dog rescue of their choosing.

You can vote at here. Tell your friends!

Byte-Size Blair | December 1

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

1. Merry #CyberMonday to all, and to all a good buy!

2. We had a lot to be thankful for last Thursday on account of all the amazing news from Blair author Stephanie L. Tyson, chef and co-owner of Sweet Potatoes Restaurant.

3. You know who else had a lot to be thankful for? Our Messy Desk contest winners!

4. There’s still one more contest in the works. Let it grooooow, let it grow! Show us those badass beards.

5. Last but not least, if you’re a bookseller (or have any bookseller friends who value your input), it’s time to nominate Blair’s books for this year’s SIBA awards.

We don’t know about you, but this is how we’re feeling after feasting on leftover turkey all weekend.


Byte-Size Blair | November 24

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

Happy Turkey Week, everybody! We can’t believe the holiday season is here… or maybe we can, because we’ve been gifted with so much great book news. Obviously, our books were on the good list this year.

1. Maybe Minnesotans aren’t thrilled about their grape salad, but we couldn’t be happier that Well, Shut My Mouth! and Soul Food Odyssey (July 2015) author Stephanie L. Tyson was the chef behind North Carolina’s must-have Thanksgiving addition, according to The New York Times.

2. Speaking of 2015 titles, Tiya Miles, the MacArthur fellow behind our upcoming novel The Cherokee Rose, was featured with her husband in a great article in Montana State’s newsletter.

3. The Messy Desk contest is coming to an end, so make sure you “like” your favorite entries, because we are announcing the winner and runners-up on Tuesday, November 25.

4. Foreword Reviews featured Badass Civil War Beards for No Shave November (make sure to enter our #NSN contest!)

5. We’re happy to share space on this list with Jeni’s Ice Creams, but seriously… when are they going to open a storefront in Winston-Salem?

We know many of you hate to start celebrating Christmas before Thanksgiving has even arrived, but c’mon! This is too cute.


Byte-Size Blair | October 20

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

We had a great time at Southern Festival of Books despite the torrential rain. Distributed authors from NewSouth Books (Clifton Taulbert and John Pritchard) and Hub City Press (Jon Sealy and Lee Zacharias) were a big hit, as were new titles from Bob Garner, Randy Russell, and the minds behind Badass Civil War Beards. Here are our top five social media updates from the past few weeks.

1.) First of all, thanks again to everyone who came out for our 60th! Feel free to tag yourself in any of our photos from the event, all viewable on Facebook.

2.) Sharknado? More like Sharkicane! A rare up-close feeding frenzy was spotted on Cape Lookout last week. To be honest, we much prefer the area’s wild horses.

3.) Bob Garner is touring the state with his latest book, Foods That Make You Say Mmm-mmm, and the Herald-Sun gave it a great review!

4.) Have you entered our messy desk contest yet? The winner gets cash and two runners-up get gift certificates!

5.) Throughout October, we’re selling some of our favorite spooky titles for 30% off on our website. Plus, orders over $30 get free shipping! That’s a lot of folklore-bang for your buck!

In lieu of an adorable animal photo, we give you this scene from Southern Festival, during the most torrential wave of the weekend-long downpour. Thank goodness all the readings and panels were happening inside!


Porch Dogs Photo Contest Winner Chooses Prizes

Andrea Beeler of Hendersonville, NC, recently won first place in our Porch Dogs Photo Contest with this picture of Judge, Dixie, April, and Chipper. As the winner, Andrea was awarded a signed copy of Porch Dogs by Nell Dickerson, a $100 donation in her name to FootHills Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. in Greenville, SC, and a $75 gift certificate to The Fountainhead Bookstore in Hendersonville, NC. 4 goldens, Fairview, NC

We are proud to support Andrea’s great choices for her prize allotments. Thank you to Nell Dickerson, FHGRR, and The Fountainhead Bookstore for helping to make these prizes possible.

PorchDogsPorch Dogs by Nell Dickerson combines fine-art portraits of man’s best friend with beautiful architectural documentation of the Southern porch. Copies are available at local and online booksellers, as well as at

Winning Porch Dogs Photos Revealed

As online magazine Slate put it, “Nothing says summer like a dog on a porch,” so what better way to welcome the summer months than by unveiling the winners of our Porch Dogs Photo Contest.

Porch Dogs combines fine-art portraits of man’s best friend with beautiful architectural documentation of the Southern porch. We asked to see pictures of your Porch Dogs and we got a ton of amazing entries. You can browse through all of our received entries on Facebook.

After choosing ten finalists we asked for your votes in picking the winners and the results are in:

First Place: Four Golden Retrievers, Judge, Dixie, April, and Chipper, on a porch in Fairview, NC. Photo taken by Andrea Beeler of Hendersonville, NC.

4 goldens, Fairview, NC

Second Place: Magnolia, a half Labrador Retriver and half Walker Hound, on a porch in St. Francisville, LA. Owners are Allison McKiernan and Will Sheftall.Magnolia compressed

Third Place: Larry, a wire-haired Fox Terrier, on a porch in Asheville, NC. Photo taken by Beth Berry of Wakefield, RI. Larry compressed

Honorable Mention: Zibby, a Dalmation, on a porch in Knoxville, TN. Photo taken by Melissa McAdams.  Zibby smaller

Thank you for all of the great entries and congratulations to the winning entries!!

Bring home Porch Dogs, the book that inspired this contest, and celebrate the summertime southern tradition of porch sitting year-round. You can purchase Porch Dogs at online and local booksellers, as well as at