Blair Books in Action (or Fishing is Dangerous) by Heath Simpson

Heath and Fishing

One spring, I went fishing on a beautiful North Carolina urban lake. I cast out a tiny lure, meant to be food for bigger predators. Under water, something crashed into it with force. I was ready for minnows but not a shark. Fighting and swirling through the water was an armor-plated, primordial gar!

Taken from

Taken from

This fish had a mouth like an alligator. On nature programs, they always clamp the alligator’s mouth shut so I used my hand to do the same. Bad idea! The creature thrashed and sliced grooves in my palm with its razor sharp teeth. Luckily a friend’s medicine cabinet was a block away. In 20 minutes, the blood had clotted, and I went back to fishing. The gar had freed itself.

Unfortunately for me, Blair hadn’t yet published Fishing North Carolina, a fishing guide from expert Mike Marsh. Next time, I’ll be sure to reference this book.

For more fishing stories, check out Growing Gills by David Joy and Brook Trout and the Writing Life: The Intermingling of Fishing and Writing in a Novelist’s Life by Craig Nova. 

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The Book That Smacked Me Upside the Head | A Guest Blog Post by Heath Simpson, Warehouse Manager at Blair

Heath and Dr. SeussOn my first doctor’s visit, a stern pediatrician administered a series of painful shots. The surroundings, I enjoyed more. The office was in an elegant, modern ’50s-era building. The lobby featured an amazing, bubbly aquarium. And the library was all Dr. Seuss.

Dr Seuss ShirtAny Dr. Seuss book was magic. All he needed was paper, a marker, and a few words. He made beauty and fun—really a new parallel universe. The cartoon changed my life.

Later, when I went to the dentist, I was surprised and delighted. They had their own copy of Green Eggs and Ham!

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