Byte-Size Blair | November 10

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

Last week was pub week for our final fall season title, Badass Civil War Beards! We’ll miss you fall season, but we are so pumped for spring! (P.S.–The spring catalog is up online now!)

1.) Badass Civil War Beards tops this list of 10 Most Perfect Presents for Guys This Holiday!

2.) If you haven’t purchased your copy of Badass yet, make sure you do so you can take an awesome book face photo like the Blair staff.

3.) The Ghost Will See You Now author Randy Russell appeared on The Paranormal View radio show!

4.) Speaking of radio, the Badass Hider sisters were on Cincinnati public radio.

5.) We’ve had an amazing 60th anniversary year, but we have one more thing on our wish list.

Blair pet Carmen was back at it during a busy weekend hiking the Mountains-to-Sea trail with her owners.



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