Byte-Size Blair | September 29

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

Tomorrow is our 60th Anniversary Party, and with that, we’ll be kicking off a lot more throwback action on our web and social media pages. Look for pictures from our six decades of publishing books about the South, and from our party festivities.

1. We are in the middle of two spectacular Goodreads giveawaysThe Ghost Will See You Now and Foods That Make You Say Mmm-mmm are up for grabs, so make sure you sign up to win.

2. This book sculpture took our breath away!

3. The Mountaineer wrote about Blair author and noted banjoist Jeremy B. Jones in anticipation of his visit to Canton, NC.

4. The rarity of the interviews that Lynette Tanner gathered for Chained to the Land was a highlight of this review from The NewsStar.

5. Also, a wave of good news from distributed line NewSouth books.

As is customary, we’ll end our post with a photo of a beloved Blair pet. This one is a throwback to the late 80s/early 90s–vintage cute!



Byte-Size Blair | September 22

We had an amazing time at SIBA sharing our 2014 books with some of the friendliest, most passionate booksellers in the entire country, and with our fellow publishers.  Next week, we’ll double-stuff our Byte-Size Blair so that we don’t forget any of last week’s great social media updates, but for now, we leave you with some truly badass Badass Civil War Beards from visitors to our SIBA booth. Didn’t get to take your badass beardie in Norfolk? We’ll be bringing them back at Southern Festival of Books in Nashville next month. Make sure you come see us!

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Byte-Size Blair | September 15

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

1. The fall publishing season is upon us (as is the magnificent fall weather!), which means that new books are arriving from the printer. Last week, we received these three beauties, which are all on sale now at

2. NC Live’s blog featured library recommendations from their collection of “homegrown” e-books and half the list was from Blair.

3. E.C. “Redge” Hanes’ new book Billy Bowater was launched in  style last week at SECCA in Winston-Salem.

4. We’re glowing from a recent review of our latest Real Voices, Real History™ title, Chained to the Land by Lynette Ater Tanner.

5. Last week, we retweeted Anna Olswanger’s update about Greenhorn, the film adaptation of her young adult book from distributed line NewSouth Books.

Thanks for joining us for another installment of Byte-Size Blair. For that, you get a cookie…or rather, this adorable photo of a dog stealing your cookie.


Byte-Size Blair | September 8

We’re back with Byte-Size Blair, our weekly wrap-up of all things social media. If you’re not already following us on Facebook,Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest, give us a look.

Fall is fast approaching and that means we are celebrating the upcoming releases of our latest books–Foods That Make You Say Mmm-mmm by Bob Garner, The Ghost Will See You Now by Randy Russell, and a book based on the much-loved Tumblr account of the same name, Badass Civil War Beards. Plus, we’re gearing up for our and our distributed lines’ Spring/Summer 2015 titles. It’s also festival season! This past weekend, we hosted our famous $2 book sale at the Bookmarks! Book Festival in downtown Winston-Salem. In two weeks, we’re off to Virginia for the SIBA Conference. Then, in early October, we head to Music City for the Southern Festival of Books. And as if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we’re also throwing a party this month to honor 60 years of John F. Blair, Publisher. Here are some of our favorite posts from the past few whirlwind weeks.

1. Author Ray McAllister called our Blair president for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and Carolyn and some of her best friends from high school, known as the “Mimosa Belles,” answered that call.

2. Speaking of Ray McAllister, one of his books was the subject of this “meta-shelfie”: Wrightsville Beach at Wrightsville Beach!

3. In a recent Words with Friends, distributed line NewSouth Books netted a couple of great reviews for two of their young reader titles, Matzo Frogs and Greenhorn.

4. September 19 is International Talk like a Pirate Day and we’re celebrating with a month-long sale on three of our best-loved pirate titles! Now that’s a deal you can’t arrr-gue with (sorry)!

5. Billy Bowater, a hilarious and insightful novel by E.C. “Redge” Hanes, received a glowing review from Foreword. His launch party is this week in Winston-Salem.

Thanks for checking in with us for Byte-Size Blair. We’ll be back next week with photos from Bookmarks! and the Billy Bowater launch party, among other tasty tidbits from the world of independent publishing. We’ll close out with Blair pet Minnie Pearl enjoying her long Labor Day weekend in the mountains.