Blues Trivia Answers Revealed

Thank you to everyone who entered our Blues Trivia Contest, inspired by David Wesley Williams’ Long Gone DaddiesThree lucky winners, from Arkansas, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, received a free audiobook version of the book narrated by David Kudler.

9780895875938-cov2.inddCheck out the answers to the tough trivia questions by Williams below and stay tuned for more great promotions and contests from Blair.

Long Gone Daddies is available at and wherever books are sold. Also available as an ebook.


1. What word is mysteriously absent from the lyrics to the song “Mystery Train”?
Answer: “Mystery” Check out the full lyrics here.

2. What Memphis-born daughter of a preacher man initially turned down the chance to record the song “Son of a Preacher Man”?
Answer: Aretha Franklin

3. In Chuck Berry’s song “Back to Memphis,” where does his mama say he can wear his pajamas?
Answer: Walking Down Beale Street. Find the full lyrics here.Chuck Berry

4. What was the nickname for Joe Strummer’s character in the film “Mystery Train”?
Answer: Elvisjoe strummer

5. Why was the distinctly Texas band ZZ Top part of the first class of inductees to the Memphis Music Hall of Fame?
They recorded many of their albums in Memphis.zz top

6. In author Barry Hannah’s short story “High-Water Railers,” the “presence of rock and roll electrons in the air” causes what?
Answer: Plane crashesbarry hannah

7. In Jimmie Rodgers’ “Blue Yodel #9,” what was a benefit of being a “Tennessee hustler”?
Answer: He didn’t have to work. Find the full lyrics here.

8. When Elvis returned to Memphis after his hitch in the army, what did he say he missed about the Bluff City?
Answer: “Everything”Elvis

9. What pivotal moment in Elvis’s life did author Charles Portis, of True Grit fame, chronicle during his early days as a newspaperman for the Commercial Appeal in Memphis?
Answer: The illness and death of his mother.elvis and mom

Good luck next time and happy reading!


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