Win A Long Gone Daddies Audiobook

Elvis Presley in Jailhouse RockDo you love Memphis? Are you crazy about rock ‘n roll? Do blues beats dictate the rhythm of your soul?

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry gets down with audiobooks.

Then you need to enter our Blues Trivia Contest for a chance to win copies of the Long Gone Daddies audiobook by David Wesley Williams, narrated by David Kudler. According to singer-songwriter John Gorka, “Long Gone Daddies is a story that sings. This tale of a struggling band unfolds in the places where my favorite music was born. But like a good song, it transcends the particular. It conjures Maxwell Perkins’s idea that one of the great themes in literature is a man’s pursuit of his father, and Utah Phillips’s line that ‘the past didn’t go anywhere.’ ”


Jimmie Rodgers says, “Enter Now!”

Visit the Blair website for complete instructions and guidelines for entry. The Long Gone Daddies audiobook is available for purchase through and


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