My All-Time Favorite Summer Reading


Steve Kirk, Editor Extraordinaire

This week in our Summer Reading Series Blair editor Steve Kirk talks about his favorite summer reading.


I don’t remember the year, but I remember the setting: our back porch, off the garage, where no one would bother me. The bugs were so bad at night that I left the lights off and read as far into darkness as my eyes could stand.

And I certainly remember the author: Robb White, a former World War II pilot who also served on battleships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. His daughter, June, became a popular author and NPR commentator, going by the name of Bailey White.

Up PeriscopeAnd the books: Up Periscope and Silent Ship, Silent Sea especially, but whatever others our small-town library had, too. Robb White was the first author I went looking for by name. A prolific writer for the big screen, TV, and major magazines, he also wrote memoirs and even wrote as a woman for True Stories. But he is best known for his war-in-the-Pacific adventure novels for boys, and I was exactly his target audience. To this day, no author has ever met my need so perfectly.

Unless it was James Herriot a couple of summers later.


Steve is also the author of First Flight: The Wright Brothers in North Carolina and Scribblers: Stalking the Authors of Appalachia. Stay tuned to hear more about the Blair staffers’ favorite summer reading memories!


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