Launching Blair’s Summer Reading Series: Harry Potter and the Relaxation of Rereading

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to indulge in a good book, whether on a beach, hammock, porch, or inside for a lazy afternoon. To celebrate summertime Blair staffers will be sharing some of our favorite summer reading stories throughout the next two months. This week I kick off the blog series with a post about the reread books that remind me of summer.


One of the many knickknacks that my boyfriend is coming to terms with (though he had no issue with the Ninja Turtles).

You should know that I love Harry Potter. The character, the books, the merchandise, the candy. I love it all. A number of things throughout any given day will remind me of Harry Potter and make me think of a certain scene or spell. Cassettes of the audiobooks line the floor of my car and there are certain phrases that I can only think in the manner voiced by Jim Dale.


My jams.


To determine the family’s biggest HP fan.

For three years in a row, and then every other year, summer brought the anticipated release of the latest Harry Potter book. My siblings and I not only bought and devoured the books immediately, but lost ourselves in the minutiae of this imaginary world. We played Harry Potter trivia. We discussed character motives and plot devices. We had hypothetical discussions about theories of magic. Basically, we were pretty cool.

Though we always hurried to read through the books in those first weekends of release, the enjoyment of the books continues to this day. Now when I reread Harry Potter I slip into a satisfying feeling of familiar comfort, escaping to this literary world that I know so well. I find few things as relaxing as rereading Harry Potter and this relaxation, whether it is March, June, or December, envelopes me in an aura reminiscent of those carefree summer days tinged with the excitement of reveling in a new book.

Reading 001

My brother and I honing our reading skills in preparation for the Harry Potter release weekends.

Let us know what books you are excited about reading this summer and look out for more posts from Blair staffers in our Summer Reading blog series.  Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “Launching Blair’s Summer Reading Series: Harry Potter and the Relaxation of Rereading

  1. Reblogged this on TD Summer Reading Club @ Crossfield and commented:
    What is your favorite book or series that you keep coming back to over and over? I love re-reading the Hollows series featuring the great Rachel Morgan witch written by Kim Harrison. As a kid I read and re-read all the Little Women books by Louise May Allcot and the Anne of Green Gables books by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

  2. This is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing your special bond with the Harry Potter Series. In summer I sometimes read a little Judy Blume. Her books remind me of weeks spent at the shore in my girlhood. — Granny Issamu

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