Happy Birthday, NASCAR! | A Blog Post by Artie Sparrow

Did you know NASCAR was officially incorporated on this date in 1948? Celebrating this milestone is a great excuse to pick up a copy of Jerry Bledsoe’s World’s Number One, Flat-Out, All-Time, Great Stock Car Racing Book. According to Car and Driver magazine, it’s “the finest book on any kind of motor racing.”

Mostly it’s just really entertaining, even if you’re not a big fan of auto racing. Bledsoe is a master storyteller (infamous in our office as a great guy to get talking), and this is a perfect subject for him: colorful characters who operate on the fringes of the law.

Ever wonder what really happened in the old Richard Pryor movie Greased Lightning? Or why Tom Wolfe called Junior Johnson the “Last American Hero”? Read this book to find out and to discover several other memorable tales of men who lived and sometimes died on the edge.



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