A great deal for Carolina fans

Classes are back in session at the nation’s oldest public university. And as football season gets under way, we’ve got a couple of books for fans:

Woody Durham: A Tar Heel Voice, a brand-new autobiography, tells of the author’s lifelong love for UNC and his 40 years in the broadcast booth–the players, the coaches, the games. From 1971 to his retirement in 2011, Woody Durham was the “voice of the Tar Heels,” the play-by-play radio announcer for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Woody Durham gives behind-the-scenes stories from his years in that role, which makes it as much a chronicle of Tar Heel sports history as it is an autobiography. For the first time, Woody provides unfiltered opinions on the games and people, like Michael Jordan and Dean Smith, he covered. (Be sure to check out Woody’s book signings across North Carolina.)

Daniel W. Barefoot’s Hark the Sound of Tar Heel Voices encompasses 220 years of UNC history, in the very words of the men and women who lived it. Decade by decade, campus icons such as Proff Koch, Frank Porter Graham, and William C. Friday have their say. So do illustrious alumni including Zeb Vance, Thomas Wolfe, Andy Griffith, and Phil Ford. So does even notorious UNC critic Jesse Helms. Perhaps most entertaining are the offbeat narratives from people like the early professor who tried to discipline students for stealing horses and hurling furniture at faculty, the cheerleader responsible for the embarrassing one-time basketball appearance of Rameses, and the future chancellor who didn’t graduate on time because he flunked the swimming test.

Together, the two books capture a university revered for its landmark campus, its high ranking, its distinguished alumni, and its championship athletic programs. And for a limited time, you can order both for a total of $35 plus free shipping. Check out our website for full details.


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