SIBA Okra Pick: Ellyn Bache’s “The Art of Saying Goodbye”

Ellyn Bache's The Art of Saying GoodbyeCongrats to Ellyn Bache, whose new book, The Art of Saying Goodbye, has just been named a SIBA Okra Pick!

From Ellyn’s own words: “I’m truly thrilled [about this publication]. It’s a book close to my heart, based on something that really happened in the neighborhood where I once lived, when a vibrant, effervescent woman in her 40s grew ill, leaving her friends shocked and shaken, but about to embark on a powerful journey of transformation that would touch all of them.”

In the book, the ailing woman has always been the neighborhood star, a beauty whose charm draws all of them in.  As her friends grapple with her illness, each of them begins to see the pressing issues in her own life with new perspective.  A marriage put on hold because of a difficult child, a nurse’s eerie and unwanted gift of diagnosis, a widow’s destructive bitterness, and the price of a successful career, all come into play to shape their stories. Ultimately, each one learns to say goodbye … but not before drawing from her friend’s strength the courage to move on and change, as she recognizes that her own life, in the afterglow of someone else’s, is richer and more precious than she thought. Learn more at Ellyn’s website.

Publishers Weekly said it best when it called The Art of Saying Goodbye a “moving, gratifying, and inspiring reminder to live life to its fullest and demonstrate love in every possible way to friends and family.”

Ellyn is the publisher for Banks Channel Books, which Blair used to distribute. We at Blair wish her oodles of success with this title!


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