We’ve got just the book you’re looking for…

Book Gift Guide for Blair Publisher

If you’re like me, at least one person on your list is a tough cookie to shop for. So we at Blair have put together a little gift guide for those of you still shopping for the holidays. We hope this helps!

For golfers:
Cracking the Code by Paul Azinger and Dr. Ron Braund fills the bill. In this book, former Ryder Cup captain Azinger details how he adapted team-building techniques used by Navy SEALs to forge the 2008 Ryder Cup team. That team was the only American team to win the cup since 1999. E-book editions are also available on your favorite e-reader.

For gardeners:
Becoming Elizabeth Lawrence, edited by Emily Herring Wilson, reveals the letters written by famed gardener Elizabeth Lawrence to her friend and mentor Ann Preston Bridgers during the 1930s and 40s. The letters reveal a kinder, less hurried time when the strong bond of friendship was nurtured through the art of letter writing.

For history buffs in the Triad:
Images of Old Salem: Then and Now, by Old Salem director of architecture David Bergstone, is perfect for anyone who has ever lived in Winston-Salem. The book displays exclusive historical images alongside present-day color photographs to show how the village was preserved.

Stoneman’s Raid, 1865, by Chris J. Hartley, documents the military raid that brought the Civil War to the Piedmont of North Carolina. In the spring of 1865, Federal major general George Stoneman’s cavalry rode across six Southern states, fighting fierce skirmishes and destroying supplies and facilities. In their wake, the raiders left a legacy that resonates to this day, even in modern popular music such as The Band’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” Hartley’s book tells the complete story of Stoneman’s 1865 raid for the first time.

For humor-lovers in the South:
Two of the South’s funniest voices–Melinda Rainey Thompson and Morgan Murphy–came together to write I Love You–Now Hush, a hilarious, heartfelt collection of essays about the nature of men and women. From keeping house to romance, from yard work to money, their fresh take on these common arguments will make you laugh out loud and maybe even instill a bit of insight when it comes to the opposite sex.


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