On book signings, by Gary Pearce

You might have seen the photos we posted of Gary Pearce and Gov. Jim Hunt’s book signing of Jim Hunt: A Biography in Charlotte, but today we’ve got something better: a guest post from Gary Pearce himself. If you want to read more from this author, check out his own blog that he co-writes with Carter Wrenn, Talking About Politics. Enjoy!


Halfway through my tour, I’ve concluded that book signings are God’s way of rewarding authors for all the angst, anguish and anxiety they suffered while writing their books.

Because book signings are an ego rush.

You sit at a table decorated with the book you wrote.  You look up at a line of people holding your book, waiting to speak with you.  When their turn comes, they tell you how much they’re looking forward to reading the book, they’re so glad you wrote it, they remember meeting you at such-and-such, etc.  Then you sign, try to think of something warm or clever or memorable to write, and they go away smiling.


When this tour is over, my family and friends are going to have a tough job bringing me back to earth.  (Rest assured: They’re up to the challenge.)

I get an added treat on my tour.  Former Governor Hunt goes to all the book-signing events, too.  He’s a real draw, so we get good crowds.

Best of all – after years of writing speeches for him and listening to him give them – I get to talk.  He even introduces me.  And sometimes – but rarely – I get the last word.

At the end of each event, I’m spent.  I’m exhilarated – and exhausted.  But I go away with a new appreciation for three things:

  1. People who read – and buy – books.
  2. Publishers like John F. Blair.
  3. Independent bookstores that care about authors and, most of all, readers.

Bless you all.  Long may you read, publish and thrive.


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