A sneak peek for ghost-story lovers

Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee by Christopher K. ColemanWe saved something special for our Halloween blog series today: a new book of ghost stories that we’re publishing in February of next year.

Christopher K. Coleman’s Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee is a new collection of 28 tales of the supernatural. This compilation explores never-before-published legends that span the entire state of Tennessee, from the mysterious mountains of Appalachia to the haunted banks of the Mississippi River.

Those familiar with the state’s most famous apparitions will find new thrills in Ghosts and Haunts of Tennessee. Readers may have heard of the Bell Witch, but what of her sister, a vengeful spirit known to the folks on the eastern part of the Highland Rim as the Buckner Witch?

What about the phantoms of the Bijou Theatre in Knoxville, a restless troupe of ghosts who perform for unwitting audiences?

And what about Hampton, the well-dressed butler of Oakslea Place in Jackson? He often greets visitors, but he’s been dead for years.

Of course, this collection wouldn’t be complete without a look at the spirits of legends like Elvis Presley and the ghosts of famous music sites like Opryland and Music Row.

And lucky you–you don’t have to wait until February to read a story from this book. Enjoy a sneak preview right now, just in time for Halloween.

From all the Blair staff, have a happy, safe, and spooky Halloween!


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