Charlotte’s own Ghost Lady

Ghost Stories of Charlotte & Mecklenberg CountyThe ghostly hand print of a child appears on a windowpane. A long-dead bootlegger leaves wet footprints on stairs. A pair of haunting eyes keeps watch in a costume shop. Think things like that don’t happen in an active, modern city like Charlotte? Think again!

These things certainly do happen, and they happened to Blair author Stephanie Burt Williams, who published Ghost Stories of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County: Remnants of the Past in a New South with us. Ghost Stories of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County is a collection of twenty chilling tales from the Queen City.  And today we’re happy to share part two of this week’s Halloween blog series: a feature based on a recent interview with Stephanie in Today’s Charlotte Woman.

We’d like to pass on some tips that Stephanie shared with Today’s Charlotte Woman. She says ghosts follow a certain code of conduct, making it easy to spot supernatural activity. Here are a few of the Ghost Lady’s favorite habits to look out for this Halloween:

  1. Ghosts love water. They are prone to turn on faucets and flush toilets to make their presence known.
  2. Ghosts also love electronics. TVs tend to go snowy; radios will change channels; CDs skip to “meaningful songs.” Some experts say the energy drain caused by a ghost in the room affects electronics.
  3. Unlike vampires, ghosts love their reflections. Ghosts are often seen in mirrors, windowpanes, and in the reflection from a TV screen or pool of water.
  4. According to Stephanie, a “weak ghost” can’t completely manifest. Instead of appearing visually, a weak ghost often uses the sense of small to make itself known.
  5. A low-level haunting can also include the use of sound. Stephanie says, “I have experienced a huge crashing sound at a bed and breakfast. It sounded like there was a head-on collision outside the building, but when I ran to look out the window, there was nothing there. When I asked other guests if they heard it, they said no.”
  6. In addition to being attracted to places, ghosts can be attached to people as well. Buildings that have no past history of being haunted may suddenly become hotbeds of paranormal activity after a new set of people move in.

Read the full article from Today’s Charlotte Woman, (October 2010, pages 45-47) here. You can also follow Stephanie’s blog here.

Have you experienced any supernatural activity? We’d love to hear your story–leave us a note in the comments section.


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