Kathleen Koch is heading south to share her story: Rising from Katrina

This month marks the five-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina’s crushing landfall. The people of the Gulf Coast lost everything in the storm’s path–houses, bridges, even complete towns were leveled.

Kathleen Koch standing on the cement pad that use to be her family's home. (Photo by Janet Rodriguez/CNN)

Kathleen Koch was in Mobile, Alabama, to cover Hurricane Katrina for CNN.  After the hurricane had passed, the CNN team made their way to Bay St. Louis, Kathleen’s hometown. They made their live reports when they had to, but when the cameras turned off, they rolled up their sleeves and did as much as they could to help.

Five years later, Kathleen is doing her best to make sure none of us ever forgets what the people of the Gulf Coast endured. She’s sharing their extraordinary, gut-wrenching journey (don’t believe me? Just check out this excerpt) in her new book Rising from Katrina. She headed down south this week to share her story and meet with the folks who lived through it.  She’ll be hitting these spots next:

August 6—New Orleans, Louisiana
August 7—Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
August 9—Hattiesburg, Mississippi
August 10—Jackson, Mississippi
August 11—Vicksburg, Mississippi & Greenwood, Mississippi
August 12—Memphis, Tennessee
August 13—Oxford, Mississippi
August 14—Blytheville, Arkansas
August 17—Jonesboro, Arkansas
August 18—Charleston, South Carolina
August 25—Washington, D.C.
August 26—Baltimore, Maryland
September 4 and 5—Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA

If you’d like to attend any of her signings, find full tour details here.


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