Looking for a great summer read? Blair can help.

The official start of summer is just around the corner, which means we’ll be reading by the pool or on our way to our favorite vacation spots before you know it. We at Blair thought that it might be a fun way to introduce ourselves to you by sharing our summer reading lists. These lists might be what we’re reading this summer or what we think you might like to pick up during an afternoon thunderstorm. No affiliations or paid promotions here, just our favorite literary classics, guilty pleasure mysteries, and downright good books–that’s what you want to read, right? So to start, sales director Angela has generously written up a little post about three Irish mysteries that she recommends this summer. Enjoy!


Faithful Place by Tana French

I’ve been a big fan of Tana French since she introduced me to Adam Ryan and Cassie Maddox in her first book, the Edgar Award winner In the Woods. And I loved getting to know Cassie even better in French’s second installment, The Likeness. So I’m greatly looking forward to a similar experience in her third book, coming out this July, Faithful Place, where we’ll pick up with a new story, this time centered on Frank Mackey, Cassie’s old undercover boss. All three books have lots of Dublin flavor. The connection in each book is the characters, so they’re not really true sequels, and each plot stands alone. So even if you haven’t read Tana’s first two installments, you can still enjoy Faithful Place.

Darling Jim by Christian Moerk

Darling Jim by Christian Moerk is now out in paperback. This modern gothic novel of suspense reveals, through their diaries, the story of sisters who fall in love with a beguiling stranger, Jim Quick. Jim, a bard who shows up in the small Irish town of Castletownbere, has murkier motives beyond telling tales of wolves and kings in pubs across Ireland. This book promises to be a thrilling mix of noir, horror, mythology, and fairytale. If you want to learn more about Moerk, check out his Web site, where you can also read about Moerk’s other two novels not yet published in the United States.

Elegy for April by Benjamin Black

Fans of Booker Prize winner John Banville will be interested in reading his mystery series, written under the name Benjamin Black. Elegy for April is this year’s episode, continuing the saga of pathologist Garrett Quirke, set in 1950s Dublin. While this book could stand alone, don’t miss the previous two installments, Christine Falls and The Silver Swan. I recommend listening to the audio versions, narrated by Timothy Dalton, for true Irish flair. All three books are full of devious socialite families with more than their fair share of secrets, which conservative 1950s Irish society demands for propriety’s sake. Suspicious incidents linked to the Catholic Church abound.


Check back soon for more summer reading suggestions from the rest of the Blair staff!


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