The Making of a Book Trailer, Part 3

This is the latest in a series of posts on the making of our first book trailer, which is being made for the upcoming Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte’s Big Banks.  Once again, here is John F. Blair, Publisher Marketing Assistant Mike Martin with an update.

With my two previous posts, I’ve talked about how I’ve traveled to Charlotte, shot footage and edited it, all in the name of creating a strong, concise trailer for a book I really believe in.  Banktown: The Rise and Struggles of Charlotte's Big BanksBut one thing I haven’t mentioned is that we’ve also planned all along to use the footage for another purpose.

From the beginning, we at Blair felt that Banktown had real national appeal.  Though its epicenter is Charlotte, the events have affected people across the nation.  In fact, they’ve touched the lives of most people around the world.

Couple that with the fact that author Rick Rothacker is a terrific interview – eloquent, authoritative, and surprisingly witty – and we wanted to make certain that we presented Mr. Rothacker and his book to television and radio producers in the best and most gripping way possible.

Our solution?  

I edited together several clips from the footage I took, and we’re sending this video to reviewers and producers, right alongside the book and press release.

It’s a new thing – but so much of publishing today is about experimenting.  No one quites knows how ebooks will alter the industry in the coming years, or how to most effectively market books online. 

But we at Blair believe that the key is to continue producing top-level books, and maintain a willingness to experiment with how to market them.  Hopefully, this is one experiment that will yield success.

Enjoy the clip, and stay tuned for the full trailer, coming soon!


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