For all you writers out there: find publishing advice on Twitter

We’ve been doing an awful lot of talking about social networking at Blair these days. Even Publishers Weekly is writing about ways publishers can use blogs, Twitter, and Facebook to satisfy their readers.

But social media isn’t just for publishers and other industry folks. Aspiring writers can find the help they need to get their manuscripts to take off.

Meet Colleen Linday. Colleen spends her days as a publishing consultant and literary agent in the New York City area. But by night, Colleen passes along her publishing knowledge via a Twitter chat called #Askagent.

What is #Askagent, you ask? According to Colleen’s blog, it’s an “agent/editor/writer free-for-all, where a group of agents, editors and other book industry pros open themselves up to questions from writers for a couple of hours or until they drop from sheer exhaustion. It’s a lot of fun, and always draws hundreds – sometimes thousands – of participants. And we can have as many as twenty agents and editors answering questions all at one time.”

Sounds awesome, right? Folks in the biz are willing to give you the do’s and dont’s of submitting your manuscript. The one rule: No questions about submission letters (If you want to learn more about that, check out what Blair’s own Carolyn Sakowski has to say here).

The only catch is #Askagent chats are impromptu–you have to follow @ColleenLindsay on Twitter to find out when they are (usually after 10 p.m. EST). She’ll send out a tweet to let you know when they plan to start the conversation.

So next time  you need your publishing advice fix between Carolyn’s Blair Truth About Publishing posts, you can easily join the conversation on Twitter. If you’re new to the Twittersphere, learn more about it here.


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