Our Favorite Books

Today, our very own sales director Angela Harwood will be supplying our post.  The topic?  Her favorite John F. Blair, Publisher, books. 

Since I started working in publishing, I often get asked the same question: What is your favorite book published by Blair?

After five years of working here, I still haven’t quite made it through all of our backlist titles, so I base my decision on what Blair has published since I started working here in the fall of 2004.  But even though I may answer different each time depending on the day (or my mood), my answer is always one of three books.  

Rocks That Float by Kathy Steele

My tastes tend toward literary fiction, and this is the first work of literary fiction that I was a part of at Blair, so it will always have a special place on my bookshelf. Old mill town meets geologist meets dead baby buried beneath the azaleas. Just read it. Rocks That Float was the 2006 IPPY Award Winner for General Fiction.

Captivity by Debbie Lee Wesselman

CaptivityHere’s the pitch:  Girl grows up with a chimpanzee for a sister as part of a psychological experiment (just a hint: things end badly); later, girl grows up to run a chimpanzee sanctuary in South Carolina despite trouble from all quarters, least of all the chimps. 

Everything in between is the stuff that makes a great, thought-provoking read with no easy answers.

The Middle of the Air by Kenneth Butcher

A literary version of Tom Clancy on the Appalachian Trail.  Throw in a mute painter named Pipo, his zany family (who have a knack for getting into trouble). Add a chocolate and ice cream shop into the mix and quite a few bumbling government officials, and I smell fudge. This book is one of three finalists for the IPPY Award for General Fiction this year.


Now it’s your turn. What is your favorite Blair book? Three lucky readers who share their favorite Blair books in the comments will win their choice of one of the above books!


2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Books

  1. I really like The Hatterasman. Ben MacNeill is the great gonzo journalist that no one’s ever heard of. He was careless with his facts and he made stuff up. But his writings reveal essential truths about the island and its people.

    I’ve also gotten countless hours of pleasure from Great Bike Rides in and Around Winston-Salem. Ken and Judi really know their stuff. There’s no way I could find such great rides on my own; even though most require going out to that shopping center in Lewisville.

    I apologize in advance for picking books that were originally published by Blair but are now published by others.

  2. My favorite is the Oprah Club Selection by Robert Morgan entitled “Gap Creek”. That book was exceptional, I liked the characters and the writing.

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