Thriller Novelist Rose Senehi’s Book Tour

Because of the popularity of Melinda Rainey Thompson and Morgan Murphy’s post on their book tour, we’ve asked another of our authors, thriller novelist Rose Senehi, to write about her recent adventures on the road.  Thanks, Rose!

The Wind in the WoodsIn early March 2010, with the economy in turmoil, I was a little apprehensive about starting a 40-book store tour throughout the Carolinas for my new novel, The Wind in the Woods.

But the terrific send-off the book got from the folks at the Mountains Branch Library in Lake Lure must have been magic…especially since it was held at the site where Dirty Dancing was filmed.

Believe me, with all the delicious food and Irish Coffee, no book ever got a better send-off.

But my favorite part of this demanding tour has been meeting book lovers and having a chance to say hello to my fans. There are so many unique experiences you meet along the way. Once, a woman picked up my book and read the back cover. I told her it was a thriller and asked her if she scared easy.

She looked at me in incredulity and said, “Scare easy? I’m married.”

With all the attention The Wind in the Woods is getting, it would be easy to get a swelled head.  But there are little things that keep you grounded, like the time a mother brought her five-year-old over to my table and said, “Look honey, this lady wrote this book.” She flipped it over. “See. Her picture’s on the back.”

Her son took a good look and replied, “Gee Mom, she looks a lot prettier in the picture.”

Rose Senehi’s latest thriller, The Wind in the Woods, is available now.


One thought on “Thriller Novelist Rose Senehi’s Book Tour

  1. My mom spotted Rose in Wilmington B &N and bought her book for me. Rose signed it with a nice inscription to me. Thanks, Rose and I really can’t wait to read your book.

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