Check out Checking Out and Tim Peeler

We already mentioned that April is national garden month, but did you know it’s national poetry month too? Blair doesn’t publish poetry, but Hub City does, and to celebrate, we thought we’d share a poem with you from one of their publications. It’s Tim Peeler’s Checking Out, a new collection of poems that follows the fortunes of a young motel desk clerk and his fellow employees. Idealistic and less than a year out of college, the young clerk encounters the best and worst of humanity as characters check in and out of the motel.

Pretty neat concept, right? And now on to the good stuff! Here’s my favorite poem in the collection:

What did he see when he
came out here past the town
after the dust settled on the war?
Did he tour the landfill ground,
thinking of a restaurant, a motor court
like the ones he’d seen in Asheville?

He’d made his money in monuments
like Wolfe’s Gant, powerful hands,
a careful chisel; in walking somewhere,
his nephew had described how he
would go faster and faster till he arrived
at a run, even in his seventies.

When the highway widened
and the town marched slowly
toward his motel, restaurant,
his drive-in theater, it was whispered
that he might be a genius, and soon
folks began to name their sons after him.

Tim Peeler is sharing more of his poetry on his blog, so head on over there if you want to read more.


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