Blair’s blog needs a name…ready, set, go!

Howdy, readers. Waiting patiently for Blair Publisher’s blog to really get up and running? Well first, we need your help.

Since this blog is our chance to connect with our readers, we’d like you to help us choose a name for it. It can be something simple, like the Blair Books Blog, or something witty, like the L.A. Times’ Jacket Copy. Go ahead, get creative. Then leave us a comment with your suggested blog title. Submit as many as you like before Friday, April 9, and be sure you leave us your email address so we can contact you.

On April 9, the team at Blair will choose a winner. We’ll announce that winner and add the new title by the following Monday for all our readers to see. And, in addition to a lifetime of fame for creating the most brilliant blog title for Blair, the winner will receive a free copy of any book they choose from our Web site. Yes, that includes titles from our distributed lines as well. One lucky winner is in for a real treat.

So go ahead and get started–leave us a comment (or two, or three, or more) with your very best blog titles. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


17 thoughts on “Blair’s blog needs a name…ready, set, go!

  1. Hrmm. Good contest. How about “Blair Book Shelf”? Although there’s also a soft place in my heart for “The Blair Book Project.” (No love, however, for “The Blair Book Project 2: Book of Shadows.” No. Love. At. All.)

    • I love yours…maybe you could make it The Blair Lit Project…sounds a little more homophonic. Just a suggestion. Best of luck to you…I am rooting for you!!

      Your friend,
      CQ Scafidi

  2. So happy you have a blog. Think you should link to your authors’ blogs (like me and Randy).

    I will be thinking on blog titles. Perhaps “Big Blair” in honor of “You have now landed in North Carolina. Please return your hair to its locked and upright position.”

    Or Big Blair Salon. Or The Blair Salon.

    The cousins love Big Blair !

    Cheers, Nancy

  3. The Blair Truth. Blair With Us. The Blair Blend (that sounds like pipe tobacco though, doesn’t it?). With Flair from Blair.

    Indie Ink. Or Blair’s Indie Ink.

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